New Orleans Part Two

After having some great lunches in NOLA, I had several even better dinners. I ended up going to three great restaurants, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. This is pretty rare for me because I always tend to find something to critique in my meals.

The first night out I went to Restaurant R’evolution in my hotel. It was a very nice looking place with a bar entrance leading to a dining room. The ambiance was good and people were dressed up, but I did see one dude in an Under Armour tee.  I am a fan of Under Armour, but that is usually my go-to outfit for the gym.

To start off, I had an Old Fashioned to drink with charred citrus added in. It was really good because the smoky orange gave a good flavor to the Whiskey. The waiter also brought out white and cinnamon raisin bread with three kinds of butter. Although it seems kind of ridiculous to talk about bread, the sea salt butter and cinnamon flavored butter were very good. I definitely wasn’t shy about loading up on it.

For the appetizer, I had Truffle beef tartare and Crab beignets. The beef tartare was very tasty and did not make it seem weird eating raw meat. The Crab beignets were incredible. Beignets are a French dessert of fried dough with powdered sugar, similar to but not as heavy as a Zeppole. The appetizer was the same fried dough but stuffed with Crabmeat. It came with four pieces sitting above four remoulades. The sauces were spicy red pepper, tartar sauce, green salsa sauce, and a chipotle mayo. They each had a decent amount of meat and tasted so good with that fried dough. See pics below:

For dinner, I ended up going with the Quail dish. I never had Quail before and it was very good. It basically looked and tasted like a mini Turkey. The way it was prepared was amazing. They had three sections of the plate with different sauces and preparations: fried with gravy and biscuits, absinthe glazed with dirty rice, and one with rice stuffed within. Each piece was great. I honestly can’t even say which was my favorite. See pic below:

For dessert, I went light and had just a Raspberry sorbet. I was saving some room to drink some hurricanes after dinner. To my surprise though, they brought out an antique box with cookies in it as a complimentary dessert. Overall, they get a 4.5-star rating out of 5.0 from me. See pic below:

The second place I went to was Commanders Palace. It was a local favorite spot that an Uber driver told me is where all the locals go for Anniversaries and other events. It was a nice looking old-fashioned place that required business casual attire and jackets for men.

The service there was phenomenal with true Southern hospitality. All the workers greeted me with welcomes as I walked through the kitchen to get to the bar waiting area. After a specialty cocktail, I went through the menu and decided on a Gulf shrimp dish for an appetizer. It turned out to be made in a very spicy hot sauce that tasted great. It also had a sweet and oily sauce mixed in, which gave it a nice touch. I was only disappointed that there wasn’t enough shrimp to make me full. See pic below:

For my dinner, I went with another gamey meat and got the duck breast. It was nicely prepared in a solid sauce. It was a little fatty like how duck should be, but it wasn’t the best I have ever had. The greens on the side were actually really good because there was Duck sausage mixed in between.  It was certainly a good dish but not great. See pic below:

The dessert was the best part of the meal. I ended up getting their famous Bread Pudding Souffle. It was like nothing else I have ever tasted. The dish was baked for 30 minutes during the meal. It was filled with a tasty custard and cake-like bread. The outer cover was fluffy but ended up being soft and hollow. It was a very interesting dessert. Overall, they get a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. See pic below:

The last dinner I went to was at Emeril Lagasse’s place. I always loved his show as a kid, so I had to make a stop there. It was a nice place and the seats were near the kitchen, which made it kind of cool to see how the cooks operated.

To start, I had the Duck spring rolls. They were pretty solid but came in an uncooked wonton wrapper. It was good but I would have rather have had it fried. This was my second mediocre experience with duck. See pic below:

Since the waiter broke my heart by being out of the special of the day (Swordfish over Crawfish enchiladas), I went classic with the Cowboy Ribeye. It was made medium rare to perfection. What made the steak though was the snap peas and croquettes on the side.  The meat and sides were a great combination.  It was a very good dish that made up for the mediocre app. See pic below:

For dessert, I went with a personal favorite and got the Chocolate Peanut Butter pie. It was very good and helped me to up the place to a 4.25 out of 5.00 rating. I put on a few pounds after the trip, so I have been certainly going to the gym more often now.


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