NYC Food Trucks

One of the biggest perks of working in the city is the proximity to food trucks. I am not talking about the wannabee gyro or hot dog trucks by the Port Authority. I am talking about the gourmet/restaurant style trucks near Rockefeller Center. Going to the trucks is cheaper and much better tasting than the overpriced lunch spots nearby.

Almost every day for lunch, I venture out to the row of food trucks either on 46th St or 49th St on the corner of the Avenue of the Americas. They include a wide range of cuisines from Thai to Greek to Jamaican. After almost two years, I have actually tried a majority of the trucks.

My favorite of all the trucks right now is Yankee Doodle Dandy. It is a predominately chicken truck with the best tenders in the city. The owner took his money from winning Who Wants to be a Millionaire to make a truck with the best chicken around.

The theme of the truck is America, so you get mini flags with your meal. The chipotle mayo sauce they have is even known as “76 sauce.” The chicken is so meaty and tender.  They are fried but lightly breaded and not too oily. I personally get them plain, but they are great with Buffalo sauce as well.

You can get the chicken in a sandwich or as tenders. The meals all come with a side of Texas toast, fries, and cole slaw. They also have decent burgers and tuna sandwiches as well. The chicken though is definitely the reason to stop by. It is so good that I no longer stop at the Chick Fil A around the corner. See pic below:

My second favorite truck is the Traditional Polish Kitchen. This is a great authentic Polish truck with awesome pierogies and kielbasa. The cheese pierogies are some of the best I have ever had. The meal I get comes with a huge piece of kielbasa, sauerkraut, bread, four pierogies, and spicy mustard. The kielbasa is amazing because it is not greasy and never bothers my stomach. When I eat kielbasa from other places, my stomach is generally mad at me. See pic below:

Other notable trucks:

Lucky I’m Thai- great spicy Thai Basil chicken and Thai iced tea

Picciotto- rare Sicilian truck that has good rice balls and traditional Sicilian sandwiches

Meats N’ Frites- solid burgers and fries, but they nickel and dime you by charging for sauces and extras

Halal Guys (53rd St)- everyone’s favorite for chicken or lamb and rice when they are drunk

Big D’s- I just like their pork and chive dumplings

Many more that will be written about in the future…..


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