Peking Duck House

The Peking Duck House in NYC is one of the best places you could find to get crispy Chinese duck and a personal favorite of mine.  There are two locations: one in Chinatown and the other in Midtown East. Both have identical menus, with the one in Chinatown having slightly cheaper prices.

Since I discovered the place, I have gone like four times. At first, I was confused at the pronunciation of Peking. I sounded like a dumb tourist saying, “Pecking”. I later confirmed with an audio dictionary that it should be pronounced as “Pea King.” Regardless, the duck meal they have is absolutely amazing.

They give you a full plate of duck that can be shared amongst two people for about $60.  The chef comes to the table and carves up a full-size bird and puts the sliced pieces onto the plate.  The outer covering of the duck is super crispy and crunchy. The meat underneath is moist and filling with the typical amount of duck fat. On its own, the meat is great, but they also add some sides to help create a sort of Duck taco.

The dish also comes with thin pancakes that are almost like tortillas, scallions to add in, and hoisin sauce too as a topping. The hoisin sauce is very tasty.  It is a thick, sweet, and salty soy-based topping that enhances the flavor of the meat.  However, too much hoisin will overpower the duck taste and may not be nice to one’s stomach.  Having a lot of it has given me some bad acid reflux before bed on several occasions.

As for their other food, it is definitely solid American style Chinese food. I have had good dumplings and fried rice there too.  All their other dishes are good, but the duck is what really makes this a great restaurant.

On the other hand, the same praise cannot be made for their service. The staff is not very friendly and doesn’t ever come over to ask for more drinks or additional food. I don’t ever go there expecting great service, so I am there strictly for the duck. The duck is so good that I can care less about the poor service.  I rank the Peking Duck House a 4.5 out of 5.0.


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