Yesterday, my fiancée and I decided that we should try out a new place for brunch. We ended up going to Amanda’s in Hoboken, NJ based on recommendations and proximity to my apartment. I didn’t have great expectations but was pleasantly surprised.

We ended up making a late 2:30 reservation since it was the day after Cinco De Mayo. Waking up late after a night of drinking tequila had my stomach calling for some French toast to soak up the alcohol. I am somewhat of a fan of brunch, but fiancée absolutely loves it. She liked pretty much everything on the menu and was super excited to go.

The brunch began with some typical drinks. My fiancée got a Bloody Mary, while I got a specialty champagne drink from the menu. The Bloody Mary was pretty standard with that cocktail sauce taste and a splash of Tabasco. The drink I got was actually very good. It was sparkling wine with Apricot liqueur and Aperol. It was very refreshing and the Apricot taste was nice and fruity but not too overpowering.

We both had differences of opinions on an appetizer and could not agree on one that we both liked (mostly my fault), so we went right for the entrees. Despite my head telling me to pick the burger and eat protein, I decided on picking with my heart. The French toast I ended up choosing was very good. The toast was crispy and seasoned with cinnamon. It was also topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. It was a solid choice because some places make the toast too gooey from the eggs, but this dish was perfect. I literally ate the whole plate in like two minutes and had to order a side of bacon to satisfy my hunger.

My fiancée also enjoyed her meal. She got a sandwich with bratwurst, eggs, and avocado. The sides were home fries and salad. Her only complaint was that they used a brioche bun and it was very crumbly. Brioche buns are good but tend to fall apart sometimes. I took a bite and liked it but the bratwurst honestly tasted more like breakfast sausage to me than authentic bratwurst.

Overall, it was a nice experience. The food and drinks were both solid, and the service was pretty quick. The decor inside was nice and had an old-fashioned cozy feel. Amanda’s earns a 4 out of 5 ranking from me.


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